Monetize Your Teaching

Get Out of the Stressful Classroom, Earn Income Through Virtual Programs & Fall in Love with Teaching Again

There are teachers on their way to work or in their classrooms, right now, saying, “what else can I do to earn income?”

I was that teacher. There was a point in my career that I actually started to dislike teaching. Everyday as I took 3 NYC trains to my first school of the day I always dreamed of what it would be like to not have to make that commute. I wanted more. I knew there was more.

Sometimes you just know there’s more. Guess what? I need all of my fellow teachers to know there is more. I’m living proof that there’s more. Your teaching skills can create possibilities that you may not even know exist right now.

Your time is now! You showed up on this page for a reason.

I’m personally inviting you to join me in my Live 6 Week Course called Monetize Your Teaching. I want to help you get your first virtual program up and running or launch your first virtual product.

About Monetize Your Teaching

presented by Monica J Sutton

Monetize Your teaching is a live 6 Week online learning program for the modern teacher. My goal is to help you unlock your unique teaching skills and make them profitable online. In just 6 weeks we will cover 9 modules with live coaching (teacher hours) included weekly. You will learn Monica J Sutton’s VTA and VCP Frameworks, access secrets to setting up your in-home studio classroom and learn the skills required to start teaching your very first virtual students or selling your first virtual products. Are you ready to work? Let’s do it!

Are you ready to take your teaching skills from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom?

” I’m teaching everything I know to help teachers take their skills online and earn a living or additional income. Everyday I would show up to schools, but I always knew there was more for me. Now I’m living proof that there is more outside of the physical classroom setting and teachers can create it for themselves.”

Monica J Sutton

The possibilities are endless when you take your teaching online. All results are based on the work you put in and the actions you take. You have everything you need to start now. Register now. There are limited seats.
Monica J Sutton

July 5, 2022 – August 16th 2022

Class Outline

  • Module 1: Set Your Goals (Define Your VTA)
  • Module 2: Let’s Talk Options! How do I profit?
  • Module 3: The Plan (The VCP Framework)
  • Module 4: Teaching Virtually – What Really Matters
  • Module 5: Creating Your Virtual Classroom
  • Module 6: Mastering Your Set-Up (Home Studio)
  • Module 7: Lights, Camera, Action (Let’s Talk Equipment, Tech & All)
  • Module 8: Virtual Teaching as a Business (Go Behind the Scenes in Monica’s Preschool Program)
  • Module 9: It’s Go Time! Put Your Plan in Motion
  • Module 10: Bonus – Resources


Monica J Sutton is an early childhood educator and child behavior specialist who has created an online community, of over 500,000 people, centered around Early Childhood Education. She is also the CEO and founder of Preschool Explorers, her virtual preschool. She teaches young children both in her virtual classroom at Preschool Explorers and worldwide through her online YouTube Circle Time Videos. With a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, Monica has spent over 20 years working directly with children of all abilities and backgrounds in both virtual and physical classrooms.